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Something that I read

So in my last one of these posts I mentioned that I was reading Rohinton Mistry’s A Fine Balance for book club. Although it is a brilliantly written book and I really enjoyed it, when I put it down I was really needing something light-hearted and easy to read. Looking through my (limited) kindle library I decided on Harriet Evans’s “Happy Ever After”. I’m not a massive fan of “chick-lit” type books but I do enjoy Harriet Evans’s books. I’m finding this one slightly same-y to her other books. Despite this I can’t help identifying with Elle and the book is a perfect as the light read I was looking for.

Something I watched

I am completely loving The Blacklist. James Spader is incredible as Red, creepy yet completely compelling and unreadable. I watched the first four or so episodes in one go on Sky catch up and now I’m eagerly waiting for Friday nights for the next episode. Absolutely brilliant!

Something I wore

I tend to wear skirts all the time so for a bit of a change I dug out my black Gap skinny jeans from the back of my wardrobe on Friday. I do like these jeans but they seem to attract every little bit of fluff possible which drives me crazy. Seemly in a moment of insanity I wore them with my Joules jumper which I love but molts really badly.

Scarf – Next, jumper – Joules, jeans – Gap.

Something I listened to

I know in my last post I included a song from Smash so this is more of the same, but ever since I watched the season finale I keep finding myself humming “Broadway Here I Come”. This was one of the main songs in the second series and in the final episode the cast did a really beautiful arrangement which has been stuck in my head all week.

Something I cannot live without

I love F1 and even though the seasons isn’t yet over, now that the championship is all tied up I’m already missing the excitement of the earlier parts of the season. I love curling up on the sofa on a Sunday afternoon watching the race so I’m going to be missing this after the final race in Brazil. To make things worse my favourite driver Kimi Raikonnen won’t be racing again until next season – bring on March!